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After the inauguration of Donald Trump as President of the US, The Handmaid’s Tale, 1984, and Brave New World returned to the bestseller lists. The reemergence of these prompted me to take a closer look at the genre. In the months that followed, I refreshed my memory of the three classics and other dystopian tales, re-read some, and read dozens of others for the first time. Along the way, I’ve reviewed a great many of those books. At some point about three to four months ago—I don’t remember exactly when—I decided to pull together all my thoughts about the field in a new book. Maybe 15,000 words, I thought. But, to nobody’s surprise except my own, the project grew into a 52,000-word manuscript. It’s available now on Amazon.

Comparative essay between 1984 and brave new world

In Brave New World, Huxley describes both a Utopia and a Dystopia depending on each of the character’s views. The society offers absolute happiness to its citizens through different means of reward and punishment (mostly reward). Differently than George Orwell’s 1984 dystopian world which imagines a society controlled by force and fear, where no individual has any real freedom and must obey the government at all costs. Huxley, instead describes a different kind of control, one that is built into every single citizen from birth, you can call it brain-washed individuals.

Compare and contrast essay 1984 brave new world …

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To the Native, this Brave New World was a dystopia. No freedom, no religion, no Shakespeare to be found, no dreams to be sought, no suffering to be felt and overcome. The Native represents our current view of such a world.

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Brave New World has to be one of the best and most unique books I’ve ever read and one of my all time favorites. It’s filled with ideas and realities that challenge the way we think about the world and how it works. It challenges the whole idea and concept of Utopias and Dystopias.

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Everyone seems to relate Orwell’s 1984 with our current society. Reading Huxley’s Brave New World made me realize that there is no need for hidden cameras or a task force created to intimidate us. It’s far easier and more effective to have everyone happy and distracted all the time.

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We don’t live in a Brave New World, we live in an Ever-Evolving World. Dystopian and Utopian ideas are not far from realistic. For a kid brought up in the poorest of neighbourhoods, by an alcoholic father and an abusive mother the world is truly dystopian, where is justice, equality? Where’s the possibility of change for such a kid?

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How do you control an entire population, without risking uprisings, rebellion and anarchy? Make it love its servitude. Never mind ruling with an iron fist, in Brave New World Huxley presents a society ruled with kid gloves, and drugs to take away your troubles…

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This isn’t the first time I’ve read Brave New World. I remember reading it as a teenager and being absolutely blown away. For me it was a much scarier, more sci-fi version of Orwell’s 1984, and I much preferred it to that book. In fact, the differences between the two novels are perfectly summed up by and, it seems, Huxley’s creation may be closer than Orwell’s to the modern condition.