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In spite of Bonnard's conclusions from a study of the history of motifs and ideas contained in these psalms that there is a real dependence on Jeremiah and not simply dependence of psalms and Jeremiah alike on common cultic traditions, Coppens has argued, on the basis of a study of two psalms adduced by Bonnard, Pss.

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Psalm 47 is the only psalm which shows clearly an act of Yahweh's enthronement, and here Kraus is inclined to accept the explanation of Eissfeldt, that the author of the psalm 'means that Yahweh is king, but he describes how he becomes king, since he can best portray the meaning of the present state of affairs by the splendour of an act'./46/ Alternatively, it is possible that Psalm 47 refers to the cultic situation in Jerusalem as it has been altered by the exile; the era in which the Davidic dynasty stood at the centre of the people of God has come to an end, and Yahweh alone has now become king of Israel (cf.

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O Lord, wilt thou not shut the gates of thy righteousness [Psalm 118:19 ..

God is known to rule through his prophets, priests and His other chosen people. Theocracy is demonstrated in Psalm 97:1, where it states that the earth should be glad since the Lord reigns. In the Old Testament, the holy tabernacle was the Devine residence of God and Kings were appointed as rulers. Moses was appointed by God to lead the people of Israel. God showed his presence to his people through his chosen people. People were supposed to be grateful that God did not leave them alone and even before He sent his Son, John the Baptist was there to represent them and after His Son, He sent his Holy Spirit as a helper to his people. In his book, Youngblood discusses about the law of the Lord. As written in Psalm 19:7, the law of God is perfect. The Bible explains what should be considered right or wrong. Jesus said that “out of the heart, the mouth speaks”. He goes on to say that, it is not what goes into the mouth of a person that makes him unclean, but that which comes out of the same mouth (Youngblood, 1998). Gods Laws can be seen in the Ten Commandments where He outlines what people should not do. In the Old Testaments, these laws guided believers on what choices to make before Christ came. In the New Testament, these laws were seen as means of salvation. These laws help believers to grow in faith and to love God. 1 John 5:3 says those who have faith in God do not find his commands burdensome.