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Visit the ASC in person with a valid form of identification to meet available adoptable animals. Adoption of animals is on a first come, first serve basis. If interested in an animal that is in the Foster Care Program, please submit an interest card in person.

There are several reasons why gay couples should not be able to adopt children.

Philibert RA, Todorov A, Andersen A et al. (2009b) Examination of the nicotine dependence (NICSNP) consortium findings in the Iowa adoption studies population. Nicotine & Tobacco Research 3: 286–292.

Pet adoption is possible, with the following steps:

Depending on what age a child is adopted the child may have emotional or ...

The winner of this year’s Modern Love college essay contest, a sophomore at Columbia University, writes about her generation’s reluctance to define relationships....

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Langbehn DR and Cadoret RJ (2001) The adult antisocial syndrome with and without antecedent conduct disorder: comparisons from an adoption study. Comprehensive Psychiatry 42: 272–282.

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Two years ago this month, American adoptions from Vietnam ceased. In Schuster Institute Associate Director E.J. Graff analyzes hundreds of pages of often-shocking internal (received under Freedom of Information Act requests) discussing why the U.S. believed those adoptions had to end. Posted on the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism’s website, those documents reveal what the U.S. Embassy believed it was finding, including:

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Graff sheds light on the adoption process and what went wrong. In what may be the first time anywhere, she takes readers through every stop along the chain: birth families, adoptive families, an adopted child, a government official, and the responsible adoption and child welfare agencies.

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McGue M, Keyes M, Sharma A et al. (2007) The environments of adopted and non‐adopted youth: evidence on range restriction from the Sibling Interaction and Behavior Study (SIBS). Behavoural Genetics 3: 449–462.

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