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Most plastic surgeries are done only for cosmetic purposes. However, people who get plastic surgery will still have to give themselves time to recover in order to mitigate the risk of complications. There are several steps that you will have to take in order to ensure that you recover properly. Follow Your Plastic Surgeon’s Plan […]

This can cause an addiction and may impel them to undergo plastic surgery several times.

Reconstructive plastic surgery is mainly performed in the case of severe burns, injuries, congenital defects and developmental abnormalities of organs, infections or diseases and for cancer or tumor removal.

percent in the United Cosmetic surgery is dangerous.

On the other hand there are also some aspects when plastic surgery is only a vain.

Psychological Impact
Patients opting for plastic surgery, especially cosmetic surgery, should be very well aware that the results they obtain might differ from what they were expecting before they went under the knife.

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People suffer from intense regret and anger toward themselves and the doctor for a procedure gone horribly wrong, not to mention embarrassment and criticism they might face from friends and family.

It has been observed that many individuals undergoing plastic surgery tend to suffer from an obsession with their look.

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A common psychological disorder in this regard is known as 'body dysmorphic disorder', where people develop such a distorted and weird perception about their body that they can't be satisfied with any look.

Risks Associated with the Surgical Process
Plastic surgery involves several surgical risks like, infections and allergic reactions, which are commonly associated with any kind of surgery.

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In addition to these, drug reaction, excessive bleeding, implant rejection, pigmentation, blood clots, skin necrosis, and scarring and nerve damage on the particular area, are some other adverse effects of this surgery.

The process may produce additional risks for smokers, as they are more likely to face the problem of delayed healing, increased risk of infection, bruising, and pulmonary problems.

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Apart from these, there are certain risks associated with the use of anesthesia, such as the allergic reaction, respiratory failure, and in rare cases, shock and cardiac arrest.

Plastic surgery is a very expensive procedure, which involves skin grafting.