These recessions lasted for no more than a year or two and then the situation became stable and the countries experienced the economic growth again. The latest global recession occurred in 2009 and was associated with the global financial crisis. Recession is characterized with the number of interconnected problems.

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The student can dwell on the explanation of the term “global recession” supporting it with the arguments and evidence. One can think about the cause and effect of recession, its importance for the international economic relations, the human well-being and financial development of different countries. Then, it is possible to observe the matter from the historic point of view comparing the previous global recessions with one another.

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One key cause of the global recession was the globalization of financial markets that allowed bursting real estate bubbles in numerous countries—including Australia, Ireland, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States—to spew their damage well beyond their national borders. Much of the blame can be laid at the feet of the United States, where housing prices boomed as a result of the cheap credit policies of the Federal Reserve Bank, declining lending standards, and regulatory inattention. When the
American housing bubble finally burst, the ensuing “subprime meltdown” traumatized the global financial services industry, damaging banks, brokerage houses, hedge funds, mortgage brokers, and municipal bond issuers throughout the world.

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The problem began with the low interest rate policy that the Federal Reserve System adopted in 2001 to combat a developing recession. These low interest rates made it cheaper to purchase homes, and many Americans took advantage of this opportunity. Other homeowners, lured by a barrage of TV advertising, chose to refinance their homes, many taking advantage of rising home prices to extract equity from their homes. In hot markets like Southern California and southern Florida, newspaper articles abounded about real estate speculators who would put a small deposit on a condo unit during the preconstruction phase of a new development and make a quick profit by selling their unit to a new buyer when the condo project was completed. TV shows like Flip This House provided step-by-step instructions for their viewers to get their share of the action.

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According to Chief Economist (2010), the recent global recession left the world’s mature markets grappling with the greatest financial shock since the great depression of 1930s. Due to the economic crisis, major international banks collapsed prompting governments to undertake extraordinary efforts in a bid to stabilize the global financial markets. The output in a majority of the advanced economies was expected to shrink by at least two percent with some economies expected to pick up later due to the large financial stimulus packages by the governments of those countries. Even in the emerging markets, growth was observed to slow down sharply with the trend expected to continue through the year 2010 and beyond.