This was an important turning point in Andrew Carnegie's life....

Morgan, and Andrew Carnegie took advantage of the growth of America and helped to shape the American business, economy, and society into what it is today....

No matter what was wrong with the world, Andrew Carnegie was to consistently capitalize on success.

Nevertheless, America wouldn’t be so economically strong without the contributions of Andrew Carnegie, the wealthy industrialist who showed the world a profitable and proper way to operate a business....

Andrew Carnegie was born in Dunfermline, Scotland in the year 1835.

The Carnegies was literate, well read, and active in the politics of the day.

Carnegie&squot;s observations on the responsibilities of the rich man intrigued many of his contemporaries, and became one of the chief texts of a kind of socially minded conservatism.

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The town of Dunfermline was strongly based in linen weaving, and when the industrial revolution hit, linen workers such as William Carnegie found themselves out of work.

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This is the belief of Shakira Ripoll Meberak and Andrew Carnegie, two paradoxical people that will go down in history for their philanthropy among their other enormous accomplishments.

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