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You may be interested in a comparison of those figures with the appellants’ success rate in the Court of Appeals, where all criminal appeals except those involving death sentences must first stop. At this point, I’ve only looked at the CAV’s published decisions, not the much larger body of unpubs. But among published opinions in 2017, the CAV ruled in favor of the prosecution 36 times and for the defendant 10 times, giving the prosecution a nearly identical success rate of 78%.

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This move is obviously and fiendishly calculated to devalue the utility of this website in your eyes, offering a free direct service to give you news that you’d probably otherwise read about here. It won’t work, despite the best efforts of those scoundrels at Ninth and Franklin. You see, the court’s writeups of its decisions don’t include practical advice, analysis of how the new decision fits into the existing body of caselaw, or – most important – appellate jokes. The court is notoriously humorless when discussing its own work product, for reasons you’ll appreciate.

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Another criminal appellant has similar, though more limited, success today: In , the Court of Appeals dismissed an appeal as moot shortly before oral argument. The appellant had been ordered to serve 90 days in jail on a probation violation, and when the CAV learned that she had served that term and had been released, it found it unnecessary to determine the legality of her incarceration. (Note that the rule is different with an initial conviction. You always have an interest in clearing your name of being convicted of a crime.)