The same holds true for writing an argumentative essay.

Your Task: Compose a one- or two-paragraph scene in which a valuable signed baseball is destroyed. Be sure to use precise words and phrases, telling details and sensory language to convey a vivid picture of the events.

Nowhere is it more true than with the argumentative essay that you wantto close strongly!

The ‘argumentative’ writing prompts are so on point! Unreal! I am going to present them to the members of my future workshops for especially women and girls. Please do share a PDF list — that would be so helpful.

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The argumentative essay may also be referred to as the Assertion-with-Evidence essay.

In addition, the goodargumentative essay will always try to take into account what theopposition or contrary position might have to say and include or addressthat within the paper.Equally important to remember is that argument is a social process andfor those who engage in it, there is a commitment ot specific communica-tion rules: (1) convention of bilaterality; (2) convention of self-risk; (3) the fairness doctrine; and (4) the commitment to rationality.

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In identifying the six types of fallacies that most often occur in argumentative writing, provide your own definition and example or illustration for each.

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The same applies for those in the humanitieswith the Modern Language Association.In this presentation, we have examined some of the basic principles thatsurround the argumentative mode of discourse.

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And it is in the Summary, which is the term used to refer to the conclusion of the argumentative essay, that one wraps everything up in convincing the reader(s) of your point of view.

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The LaGuardia and Wagner Archives at LaGuarda Community College/CUNY published a curriculum on immigration and one of the lessons (see page 30) is about a young Dominican boy and his dreams of playing baseball.

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A normal conclusion contains a restate of thesis and summary of the points discussed earlier. A conclusion of an effective argumentative essay also contains a readdress of the evidences provided. Do not introduce any new information in your conclusion, instead synthesize on what you have already said. Restate your thesis and give a summary of the points you have argued on. Go further to give a recommendation on further research of the argumentative topic you just handled.

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Transitions hold the foundation of an essay together. Using transitions in an essay promotes a smooth flow beginning from the introduction up to the conclusion .Transitions are also used to show the reader the finish and the start point. They wrap up an idea and lead the readers to the next paragraph. A student is able to understand better the use of transitions by getting a sample of argumentative essay.