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The second test is about attitude. If the seemedobvious to you, more like a description of the way you already livethan anything novel, you are already halfway to passing it. That's theinward half; the other, outward half is the degree to which youidentify with the hacker community's long-term projects.

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All people, on some level, desire to feel a sense of belonging that will emerge from the connections made with people, places, groups, communities and the larger world.

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This essay will first discuss what it means to believe, secondly the extent to which Davie's concept is applicable to the Irish context by describing the in-depth penetration of religion in history and also will suggest how the contradictory hypothesis ‘belonging without believing’ is also applicable....

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Yes, there are other operating systems in the world besidesUnix. But they're distributed in binary — you can't read thecode, and you can't modify it. Trying to learn to hack on a MicrosoftWindows machine or under any other closed-source system is like tryingto learn to dance while wearing a body cast.

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The more of these things you already do, the more likely it is that youare natural hacker material. Why these things in particular is notcompletely clear, but they're connected with a mix of left- andright-brain skills that seems to be important; hackers need tobe able to both reason logically and step outside the apparentlogic of a problem at a moment's notice.

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There is perhaps a more general point here. If a language does toomuch for you, it may be simultaneously a good tool for production anda bad one for learning. It's not only languages that have thisproblem; web application frameworks like RubyOnRails, CakePHP, Djangomay make it too easy to reach a superficial sort of understanding thatwill leave you without resources when you have to tackle a hardproblem, or even just debug the solution to an easy one.

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To behave like a hacker, you have to believe this enough to want toautomate away the boring bits as much as possible, not just foryourself but for everybody else (especially other hackers).