The position of a good leader is indispensable.

All of us who have hired other people have had the experience of thinking we had hired a good employee — a person who fit the job requirements — and learned later that the employee's people skills were very poor, even non–existent.

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Max Messmer (1999), CEO of Robert Half, said in a recent survey of 150 executives from some of the nation’s largest companies, that leadership skills were identified as the most important assets of managers.

Here is an account of those qualities.1.

There are a number of qualities that one seeks for in a potential leader.

The leader must learn from his followers. Indeed, leadership begins by listening. Good leaders appreciate and are sensitive to the views of others. A good leader must keep looking behind to see if their followers are still there. And he or she must not forget how much can be accomplished if others get the credit.

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I once visited with the former President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev. I asked him when he first realized that he had the attributes of leadership. He said as early as he could remember, whenever he would enter a group — even when he was in the first and second grade — he wanted to be the leader. He had something in him that pushed him to accept responsibility — and to lead.

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One of my favorite leaders is James Madison. He stood five feet four inches tall and weighed about 100 pounds. He was sickly most of his life, socially inept, and a poor orator. He certainly did not have a commanding presence. I doubt very much that he could get elected to Congress today.

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The first question tried to find "what aspects of [emotional intelligence] differentiate those leaders who are in agreement with others concerning their transformational leadership qualities from those who are not in agreement" (p.

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However, he is also astute as he knows mindless spending can bring even a rich man to his knees and is therefore, moderate in his pursuit of materialistic pleasures.

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The second question asked "how do non-military leaders who are in agreement with others regarding their transformational leadership qualities differ in terms of performance from those who are not in agreement" (p.