Why eliminate unnecessary to be verbs

Use peer editing to help identify the “to-be” verbs and peer tutors to help struggling students.Teaching the strategies and practicing them in the context of student writing samples will help students recognize and avoid these “writing crutches” in their own writing.

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In contrast, the physical and mental action verbs in this sentence do use vivid, “show me” verbs: The boy down on the bench and what to do next.So, how can we get our students to reduce or in their essays to create precision of meaning, specificity, clarity, and just good old sentence variety?

Avoiding phrasal verbs in academic writing | Studio Dann

For additional resources on avoiding unneccessary “to be” verbs, see also: Eliminate "To Be" Verbs .

Circumlocutions are commonly used roundabout expressions that take several words to say what could be said more succinctly. We often overlook them because many such expressions are habitual figures of speech. In writing, though, they should be avoided since they add extra words without extra meaning. Of course, occasionally you may for rhetorical effect decide to use, say, an expletive construction instead of a more succinct expression. These guidelines should be taken as general recommendations, not absolute rules.