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In her extensive collection of data on symphony orchestra performances, Mueller notes that performances of Brahms' works, rather surprisingly, exceeded those of Beethoven's in the 1940-45 years; particularly favorably disposed towards the were Chicago, Los Angeles, and St.

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The name "Bonaparte" was also not so offensive that he failed to think seriously about accepting an offer in autumn 1808 from Jerome Bonaparte, the new King of Westphalia. Jerome offered him six hundred gold ducats a year if he would serve as or court composer to the Court of Cassel. In taking the position, Beethoven would continue a family tradition. In 1733, the composer's grandfather, Ludovicus van Beethoven, had been appointed to the Elector of Cologne. But before he could think about accepting those tainted Bonapartian ducats, a Viennese cabal comprising Archduke Rudolph and Princes Lobkowitz and Kinsky made offered to pay him 4,000 florins a year until he could find a more suitable position, or otherwise for life.

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Final Project Outline
Ludwig van Beethoven is a legendary musician. He is a German composer, a pianist and a conductor. He is one of the Viennese Classical representative personage.
Introduction to Beethoven
Beethoven’s lifetime
Born genius
Musical talent
Apprentice of master
Composed symphony
Ending life
Beethoven’s personality
Beethoven’s representative works
Fantasy sonata
Beethoven’s friends and relatives
Some cultural, social and political climate
Napoleon captured vienna
Napoleon defeat