4/2/2014 · No, Being Gay Is Not a Choice

I had a heated debate with one of my best friends (very conservative) recently and we ended up just agreeing to disagree. This article helps me open my mind more, realizing that perhaps some people in the gay community do have a choice (bi-sexuals like me, and Cynthia Nixon, perhaps – because we are attracted to a broader spectrum of human beings).

Why Being Gay Is Not A Choice Essay

I agree with you about this, but the analogy to creationism completely fails. Creationism is trying to make claims that have no basis in science whatsoever, and pass them off as scientifically true. Those who argue that science shows homosexuality is not a choice actually do have scientific data on their side, it's just that the picture is complex. We can't simply say that, "everyone is born this way and stays the same way forever", but many of those who argue that being gay is not a choice would acknowledge this, when pressed on the details. What's more important in general, though? The basic insight that biology determines sexual preferences in a way that cannot be "cured" out of us? Or the equally valid insight that some people's sexual orientation cannot be fixed for all time according to the standard labels we use? Can't we have both? Can't we say "born this way" as a shorthand, knowing that some edges are fuzzy? I realize that won't satisfy religious fundamentalists who think homosexuality is immoral, but since when have they accepted anything either nuanced OR contrary to that notion? The rest of society is very swiftly passing them by.

Need More Proof Being Gay Isn't a Choice

The gay-rights activist is making a mistake to put all his chips in the basket about “being gay is not a choice.”

Gay-rights advocate: But a person cannot choose their sexual orientation — they just are who they are, and so it’s unfair to call their identity “wrong” in some way. That would be like criticizing a person for being tall, or short, or for having dark skin. None of those things is under a person’s control, so they cannot stand as a basis for moral condemnation.

John Christof Being Gay: Is it by Choice or Genetics

For the believer, his personal beliefs are his business and his alone; the gay man has no responsibility to him to go out of his way to make the believer comfortable with his objection to homosexuals being present in the community. On the other hand, the gay man has no right to assert authority over the believer regarding his personal beliefs either, just as the believer has no right to demand a say in the gay man's believes or responses to the beliefs of others. One has every much a right to privacy of beliefs as one has in his choice of what porn he prefers to use when jerking off in the privacy of his own bedroom.

being gay is not a choice in the following ways:

This may come across as glib, for which I apologize in advance: I think that "straight" is a choice, as well as "gay"! Because I think a human's true sexual nature is *bi*sexual. However this is repressed to the point where we completely forget it; since "straight" is the most societally accepted, it becomes the standard, leaving being gay as the only other identity. I think that if society were more aware of bi-sexuality, it would not be punishing or rewarding any orientation. "I've been straight & I've been gay"? No, Cynthia, you've been – and are – bi. Feel free to love men whenever it seems right. Feel free to love women whenever your nature needs to.