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Two morals emerge from these reflections. First, self-reportmeasures of happiness could be reliable guides to relativehappiness, though telling us little about how happy, in absolute terms,people are. We may know who is happier, that is, but not whether peopleare in fact happy. Second, even comparisons of relative happiness willbe inaccurate if the groups being compared systematically biastheir reports in different ways. This worry is particularly acute forcross-cultural comparisons of happiness, where differing norms abouthappiness may undermine the comparability of self-reports. The Frenchmight report lower happiness than Americans, for instance, not becausetheir lives are less satisfying or pleasant, but because they tend toput a less positive spin on things. For this reason it may be useful toemploy instruments, including narrower questions or physiologicalmeasures, that are less prone to cultural biasing.[]

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I love the feeling of being myself without all of the baggage (layers) covering me up. This is our real essence and I am happy to see that others are removing their own layers of limiting beliefs.

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The root idea is that well-being involves being happy, where one's happiness is a ..

The preceding section discussed ways that happiness might figureprominently even in non-mental state theories of well-being. Thequestion there concerned the role of happiness in theories ofwell-being. This is a different question from how important happinessis for well-being itself. Even a theory of well-being that includes nomention at all of happiness can allow that happiness is nonetheless amajor component or contributor to well-being, because of its relationto the things that ultimately constitute well-being. If you hold adesire theory of well-being, for instance, you will very likely allowthat, for most people, happiness is a central aspect of well-being,since most people very much desire to be happy. Indeed, some desiretheorists have argued that the account actually yields a form ofhedonism, on the grounds that people ultimately desire nothing else buthappiness or pleasure (Sidgwick 1907/1966, Brandt 1979, 1989).

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The question of mistakes will be taken up in section 5.2. But the lastclaim—that material prosperity has relatively modest impacts onhappiness—has lately become the subject of heated debate. Forsome time the standard view among subjective well-being researcherswas that, beyond a low threshold where basic needs are met, economicgains have only a small impact on happiness levels. According to thewell-known “Easterlin Paradox,” for instance, wealthierpeople do tend to be happier within nations, but richer nations arelittle happier than less prosperous counterparts, and—moststrikingly—economic growth has virtually no impact (Easterlin1974). In the U.S., for example, measured happiness has not increasedsignificantly since at least 1947, despite massive increases in wealthand income. In short, once you're out of poverty, absolute levels ofwealth and income make little difference in how happy people are.

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This point reveals an important caveat: measures of happiness couldcorrelate well with how happy people are, thus telling us which groupsof people tend to be happier, while being completely wrong aboutabsolute levels of happiness. Self-reports of happiness, forinstance, might correctly indicate that unemployed people areconsiderably less happy than those with jobs. But every one of thosereports could be wrong, say if everyone is unhappy yet claims to behappy, or vice-versa, so long as the unemployed report lower happinessthan the employed. Similarly, bad thermometers may show that Minnesotais colder than Florida without giving the correct temperature.