First, air pollution causes a great deal of health problems....

The following easy describes the course of air pollution in Auckland and the health problem encounter in the Auckland community as result of this serious environmental issue....

High concentration of vehicle exhausts is the main source of air pollution in urban areas.

Over the span of a generation, Mexico City’s air has gone from being one of the world’s cleanest to one of the world’s most polluted, as well as the most polluted in its country.

air-pollution regulations have their roots in British Common Law.

There are several transportation factors that contribute to air pollution in the US.

Thermal power plants, refineries, petro chemicals and mines release dangerous pollutants into the air; for instance, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxedes and lead....

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As Club4Change President I have always been passionate about the ocean, so having an opportunity to help preserve the coastline and spread awareness of runoff pollution has been incredible....

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Next, identify the other factors related to air pollution. After explaining its various causes, you may also consider writing about how to solve them. This would be a good trajectory for the topic you are developing. For example, you could write about using “green cars” that do not emit black smoke. You may also write about planting more trees so that the oxygen offset the carbon dioxide.

Air pollution is the presence of harmful foreign substances ..

After choosing a topic, randomly write about ideas related to that topic. For example, if you are writing an essay on pollution, you may consider developing ideas about air pollution, why it is dangerous to people, or how the government could solve it. While you may get the tendency to write extensively about a topic, stay focused with a single idea, then break it down into more specific details.

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Many people who were introduced to the Industrial Revolution cared less about pollution and as science began to expand, the awareness of air pollution has grown havoc towards today....

The level of air pollution has become increased by ..

Do not forget to write your main idea. Aside from the supporting details, the main idea summarizes the important points in your essay. For instance, you could write “Air pollution destroys nature and mankind”, or “The government, together with civilians, could work hand in hand to solve air pollution”. These are the ideas that give substance to your work. Without them, your essay lacks direction and clarity.