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In fact many of these practices have been a positive trend in American culture, giving adolescents a way of expressing themselves Studies have revealed a positive correlation between risky behaviors (such as the use of drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol) and participation in body modification....

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"Disfigurement" (a subjective term) and "mutilation" (regardless of any appreciation this always applies objectively whenever a bodily function is gravely diminished or lost, as with castration) are terms used by opponents of body modification to describe certain types of modifications, especially non-consensual ones. Those terms are used fairly uncontroversially to describe the victims of , who have endured damage to , , , , , , , and/or , including , , , , , and []. "" is also used somewhat more controversially to describe certain kinds of socially prescribed modifications to the , such as , , , and surgeries performed to conform the genitals of individuals with conditions to those of typical males or females[].

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