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This lighthouse is located on Kirkabister Ness on the southwest side of the island of Bressay marking the southern entrance to the harbour of Lerwick

Bressay & Noss are inhabited Shetland islands lying to the East of Mainland.

There are several coastal walks around Bressay taking in archaeological and World War II sights as well as the Bressay coastal views including those over to Lerwick. Heading South of the ferry terminal is a walk to Stevenson designed Bressay Lighthouse.

A lifetime of Islands: Island 202 - Bressay, Shetland

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Bressay Sound, the sheltered stretch of water between the Mainland of Shetland and the island of now looks an obvious place for a harbour. But until around 1625 there were just a few huts here gathered around a leir-vik, Norse for "muddy bay".