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This is Suzuki’s longest essay on Shin Buddhism, the Pure Land tradition going back to the religious figure Shinran (1173-1262). It elucidates a variety of themes found in Pure Land and Shin Buddhism: Amida Buddha’s original vows, self-power () and other-power (), karma, sin, nembutsu, faith, and the Pure Land paradise. Suzuki presents faith as a state of passivity in which one is embraced by Amida Buddha and his mysterious other-power. Suzuki also argues strongly that Shin Buddhism should not be compared to Christianity despite the tendency to do so.

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Strong: A Tooth Relic of the Buddha in Japan: AnEssay on the Sennyu-ji Tradition and a Translation of Zeami’s No Play“Shari”
Livia Kohn: Koshin: A Taoist Cult in Japan.