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The Federal Perkins Loan Program is a federally funded program administered by Canisius College and awarded on the basis of financial need. It is available to both full-time and part-time matriculating students. The total undergraduate maximum is $15,000. The Perkins Loan Program is scheduled to end after 2017-2018.

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This type of learning process helped me to secure a job with the Academy of Hockey at HARBORCENTER prior to graduation on May 18. My time working as Director of Hockey Operations with the Griffs gave me the two years of hockey experience and contacts I needed in order to be positioned where I am now. Partnered with a fundamental and informative curriculum that challenged me think about real world issues in sport, my experience at Canisius truly was unmatched. I cannot be anything but grateful for the opportunity the MSA program at Canisius provided me with, and for helping to advance my career in sport.

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For the past two years I have been fortunate to attend Canisius College in one of the best Sport Administration Master’s programs in the country. Having finished my Master’s last week and with graduation ahead, all of my experiences, professional connections, and knowledge I have gained from the MSA program has prepared me for my future career path in athletics. The MSA program, along with my graduate assistantship, gave me hands on experience in professional sports with the Buffalo Bills in game day guest services, planning and executing a bowling charity event for the Special Olympics from the ground up, soliciting sponsorship, sports marketing, and writing press releases. My classes also gave me extensive knowledge in managing sports facilities, risk management, moral issues in sport, and sports business.

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It is the policy of Canisius College to return federal funds which have been dispersed to an undergraduate student who has withdrawn or stopped attending the College to the Federal Title IV programs in compliance with the regulations of the Department of Education.

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One such organization that provides green care services for at-risk children is Forget Me Not Farm, co-located with the Sonoma County Humane Society in Santa Rosa, California. Forget Me Not Farm works with nine local children’s agencies serving those who have suffered abuse or neglect. Children participate in a variety of horticultural and animal care activities, which teach “…children with diagnoses such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, and Attachment Disorder how to value and care for living beings, develop respect for all life forms, and create a compassionate way of behaving and relating to others that is the antithesis of their violent experience” (). Children care for animals—ranging from goats, to hens, to llamas and horses—and work in a variety of gardens, including those housing hummingbirds, flowers, and vegetables. Children learn hands-on empathy for their fellow living creatures; witness the lifecycle and experience gratification of producing a plant from seedling to harvest; and learn to trust the adults who mentor them at Forget Me Not Farm. In an essay for the book Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Animal Abuse: Linking the Circles of Compassion for Prevention and Intervention, edited by Frank R. Ascione and Phil Arkow, Forget Me Not Farm founder Carol Rathmann compared the experience of caring for orphaned or injured animals with the children themselves, demonstrating “…that such problems are not insurmountable and can be overcome with affection and caring rather than with anger and rejection” (p. 405). What an incredible lesson to teach these children. As I learned in a different Canisius anthrozoology class—Understanding Indifference and Animal Abuse—most severe animal abusers have a background of brutal abuse themselves, and to intervene early and steer the children in a different direction is of extraordinary benefit not only to them, but to their peers and animals who may have become their victims.

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My time at Canisius so far has truly taught me all of the advantages of receiving a Jesuit education. The values are far reaching throughout the classes, including the Forensic Accounting classes. In other words, in class I am learning all the technical skills that a forensic accountant is required to know in addition to the idea that giving back to the community is important.