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Dry-cured ham (a.k.a. country ham.) is cured (preserved) by burying it a big mound of salt or by rubbing the skin with salt, often mixed with sugar, black pepper, garlic, and other spices. In some places sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite are also added. It is then usually hung and air-dried for 6 to 18 months at cool temperatures, and it dehydrates significantly, concentrating its flavor. Often it is smoked at low temperatures. They are usually pink to brown and can be purchased as a whole ham, half a ham, and is usually served uncooked and sliced thin. Because their production takes a lot of time, dry-cured hams can be expensive. Prosciutto di Parma, the famous dry cured ham of Italy, and Virginia ham are classic examples. .

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Recipe. The word originally was "receipt" because you bought the ingredients you needed to cook a dish and the receipt told practically all. Today recipes come in a variety of forms, but I see them as professional, and all the rest. A professional recipe is writen by a food expert, probably a pro, who has tested it thoroughly. It is organized in a logical manor with all the ingredients, with precise measurements, usually in the order they are needed, and comes with step by step directions, written meticulously and carefully so a stranger following it can come very close to duplicating the original. It should contain info about how long it takes to prepare, and how much it makes. The best recipes contain a text above the ingredients describing what the dish should taste like and some background, called a headnote, preferably with a photo of the actual dish, not a fancified version of it. The very best tell you what options and substitutions work and don't work. A pro will study the recipe carefully making sure that ambiguities are erased, and that, above all, it is safe. There are a lot of great recipes by pros out there. I beg you to use only them and not risk your health and money on the amateur stuff out there. I hear a lot of horror stories. Learn to tell the difference.

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MSG (a.k.a. Monosodium Glutamate, a.k.a. Glutamic Acid). Ac'cent is an additive you can find in most spice sections of the grocery. It is made of MSG a form of glutamic acid, is a natural flavor enhancer as well as a natural byproduct of some aging and fermentation processes. It is a popular additive in Chinese cooking and it is in many other foods such as . Some people believe that MSG can cause headaches, but scientists have had no luck proving the connection in controlled tests. I have not yet seen on the subject, and that is the gold standard. A lot of people say it causes them headaches, but when they are brought into a lab and fed meals with MSG or a placebo, there is no connection. The eminent food writer Jeffrey Steingarten considers "Chinese restaurant syndrome" to be an urban legend and debunked it in a famous essay "Why Doesn't Everyone in China Have a Headache?" The barbecue lover might also ask, "Why doesn't everyone who eats at the Rendezvous have a headache?"