essay on beauty pageants and how they should be banned!!

Americans have been captivated bythe recent television show, , but it is a mixture of disgust and disbelief, not admiration, thathas kept it in the attention of many viewers. The show hinges on the shockvalue of extreme 'pageanting' and pushy parenting, and the suspense as anxioustoddlers line up for the announcement of awards. Behind those coveted crowns aretears and yielding youth, mothers disregarding daughters, and hours after hoursbetter spent on healthier, happier endeavors. This world of glitz and glamouris built around a sadly superficial, limited concept of beauty, and ultimately enforcesinternal ugliness. In fact, the whole founding basis of pageants is that peopleare measurably better than each other, and that looks triumph over all otherqualities in importance. For all of the fame, winnings, and titles, nothing canjustify the hurts inflicted on these young girls, and the pageant system is inserious need of restructuring. Research has linked children's pageants todisorders, tragedies have unfolded as a result of participant publicity, and evidenceenough exists in the damaged values and relationships of these tinycompetitors. Young girls' beauty pageants are detrimental to participants'psychological health, harm family relations and disrupt the natural course ofchildhood, and encourage a demeaning view of women.

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Child beauty pageants SHOULD BE banned ..

Parents should be the ones to decide whether or not it is safe for their children to participate in a beauty pageant.

This short collection of sixteen articles on beauty pageants collects some of the best writing on beauty pageants for students. Chapters 14 and 15 focus on child beauty pageants (chapter 16 will be of interest to those most interested in teen pageants).