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Think of one or two sayings that you've heard again and again around your house since childhood. How have they shaped your life? What personality traits do you value most in yourself? Choose a few and jot down examples of how each has helped you. Think of things that other people often say about you. Write about whether or not you agree with their assessments and how they make you feel.

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College essays helping people, - Choose the questions of political vs. It was also a characteristic of both spoken and written products.

I believe in volunteering and giving help to those who need it. I also believe in helping others for my own benefit, because long-term satisfaction and happiness come from altruistic actions. Throughout middle school to college, I have volunteered at many places, and each time I really felt happy because it is always a good feeling to know that you could help other people. And in most cases, I received more than I gave, and this feeling is always incomparable from the happiness I get from external factors.