Essays on the gardening of life. (1904)[Essays](1906)[Travel diary]

The author describes his flower garden (one flower per essay), hisphilosophy about each flower, his care and tending of it, and occasionaldaydreams triggered by it.]
(1938)[Book of short poems]

From A Little Book of Profitable Tales (1889)[Stories for children; musical samples arranged by Theodore Thomas (1835-1905),founder of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra]

Many of us need to be aware of colors that surround us in everyday life.

Throughout the rest of her life she wrote many poems regarding aboriginal rights and wrote many books about Aboriginal legends designed to target a younger audience.

Analysis on Colour Bar Poem Essay - 301 Words

(1932)[A collection of poems written by Gibson between 1930 and 1932] (1947)[Narrative poem.

In the very interesting introduction heexplains how, essentially by accident, he became a writer of fiction.]
CAUTION: Certain language in this ebook today would be considered grossly racist.

The Death of the Moth, and Other Essays

along his love pump...
best friend bubbles
and so everyone will miss eleanor
fuck you
fuck you
blow me
blow me
In the depths of my silence
Everyone likes sing along to Barney!
Sex is hard to do on a fence
Lesbians doing it doggie style is blasphemy
I really like to go pee
fuck garth brooks
that's pretty much what i meant
fush buck
maniacal gospel limbo sent
tragedy tragedy carry me away
tragedy tragedy carry me away
or at least send me postcard when you get there
Never knew i would change
Never knew i would change
But know I have to rearrange
but know i'm gonna clench
but know i'm gonna clench
so everything's broken down
even more than it was shown
i need a new gown
i don't wanna be on my own
i'll have to think it through
what am i gonna do?
i'm more than desperate
more than exhausted
how i love thee
The beast's breath touches my heel
isn't very much
hey u stink
more than your yellow touch
Fuck a duck in the streets of Madrid
The morning lacks the need to be
Madrid be where my father lies
Fuck a duck in the streets of Madrid
Waist deep in waste, therefore I am waste deep.
I'm burning, I'm burning, please put me out with the ice of your thoughts
Flavor flave flavored from beyond the grave, can you spare some change of seasons?
Bring me the head of the man who created Monday night football
Shower time showered with lime
Give me a sign, is it time to eat a dime?
Desperately trying to get rid of the grime
You thought it was a toothbrush, but it was a flashlight
Trying to maintain myself in prime
I thought it so, because grandmas teeth they bite
soaking up the lemons and the limes
Jessica Rabbit is a stone cold fox
If you want to square dance get offa yo hoss
so it's your birthday
so it's your birthday
what of it?
what of it?
my love
Is it something I can touch?

Berlioz: Essay on Beethoven's symphonies

Helen Vendler discusses this poem and other Squarings poems in her book 'The Breaking of Style: Hopkins, Heaney, Graham,' in the chapter 'Seamus Heaney: The Grammatical Moment.' Her discussion contains interesting observations but is thesis-discussion, the work of someone who is far too often a thesis-critic. The theses she uses are often impressive enough, elaborated with flair, but are inadequate, even if not nearly as inadequate as the grand theses of ideological thesis-critics. The recurrent difficulty is the inability of theses-critics to detect and account for degrees of poetic success, :- (poetic success). Thesis critics tend to treat all the elements of the poem which illustrate the thesis, excellent, good, middling, poor and disastrously poor, in critical-egalitarian terms. This is an uncritical approach to poetry whether the thesis is a good one or not. Thesis critics also distort by attempting to extend the thesis to elements which don't illustrate the thesis.