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(Twain essay) - Wikipedia "What Is Man?", published by Mark Twain in 1906, is a dialogue.
Mark Twain: Mark Twain in 1907: werd voor het eerst gepubliceerd in de bundel Mark Twain's Fables of Man.

Non-continuous fragments; nine pages in Mark Twain's hand; three in Charles Dudley Warner's .

Offers him opportunity to bid on the plates on condition terms can be arranged for continuing publication; will transmit offer to Henry H. Rogers who represents Olivia L. Clemens. With typed list of prices of the plates of a dozen Mark Twain books.

Random House.Mark twain essays.

and Other Essays Contents:.The Awful German Language by Mark Twain The Awful German Language.

Re publication of a uniform edition of Mark Twain's works with reference to copyright, plates, royalties, ownership of illustrations, and use of edition for school books.] (with ALS 1895 July 17 Charles J. Langdon, New York, to Henry H. Rogers )

Receipt for 3 drawings for volume 23 of Mark Twain uniform set.

Dinner invitation from the Club signed by Laurence Hutton, George Parsons Lathrop, Brander Matthews, Mark Twain (S.L.C. signature), Richard Watson Gilder, Charles Dudley Warner, William Dean Howells, Francis Lathrop, F. D. Millet, William M. Laffan, Joseph Jefferson, H.C. Banner, R. Swain Gifford, Charles Fairchild, Thomas Bailey Aldrich.

Received on approval one Mark Twain "A Murder and a Marriage."

Is obliged to Daly and Miss Rehan; remarks his own status with his children rests not on his own works, but from the fact he knows Miss Rehan and Mr. Drew personally.

Mounted on card with ALS 1895 June 13 Mark Twain to Frank Leslie.

Contract accompanying this letter fine to him but adds he is not an expert in such contracts.] (with TDS 1895 May 23 Contract between Olivia L. Clemens and Harper & Brothers to publish a uniform edition of Mark Twain's works)

Franked William M. Stewart in Mark Twain's hand.

Cover letter for payment for account for Mark Twain's , Books I, II, III and ; mentions that check for "Mental Telegraphy Again" had already been sent to Olivia L. Clemens through Rogers.

In Mark Twain's hand; lists contracts, bonds, and stocks.

Will be leaving Elmira soon; describes her grandmother's party; plans to see play in New York; reports family busy discussing Bacon as Shakespeare; will write Koto soon. AN, in pencil by Edward Howard House, states Susy is answering his letter sent in same mail as one to Mark Twain, which Twain claims he did not receive.