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You will have 3 resources in total:
 Page 1: Your current event journal or newspaper article.
 Page 2: Our text Book
 Page 3: An additional resource of your choice to illustrate your example.

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Since 2014 or earlier there has been a steady flow of news stories about the impact of sea leave rise on island communities in the Pacific and more recently on coastal communities around the world, including in America. The uneven impacts of climate change forms the basis of the concept of climate justice. This topic is an ideal topic for you to engage with for you last Current Event Essay as it allows you to link to many of the topics we have covered thought out the course so far, including some of the more complicated issues such as discourse and environmental justice. It will also help you think about some of the topics coming up in our last few weeks. For example, do you remember what the film “Before the Flood” said about the predicted impact of Climate Change on coral reefs?

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Because it is a music event which includes camping, so the attendees must be able to be free for less than three days....

Describe the Current Event. Second, you will need to provide a brief summary of the current event. This should include details such as location, timing (i.e is this an ongoing event, does it appear to be a one time event, is this an example of an event that happens frequently), people involved, and any analysis offered by the report(er).

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Your "reasons" for this might include health benefits, environmental benefits, cost-effectiveness, and safety, so you would focus one paragraph on each of these topics.One of the most common mistakes is to present a topic sentence that is actually an observation of facts or a description of events rather than an active argument.

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Event planning process is a process that the event planners should follow in order to make the event run smoothly and help to avoid problems that could be occurred in the event.

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If the event has not taken place yet, you can write what you expect. A good journalist should be able to make good predictions. Conclude your with such a prediction and justify it with appropriate argument/s. Thus, your current event essay will seem more convincing and informative.

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Step 3: Now that you understand a current event and how it is related to the concept, Create your own example to show me that you understand the concept. You must use an additional resource (book, journal etc.) to illustrate and support your example.

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The main idea of writing a current event essay is to describe an actual and interesting situation, in most cases, important for the audience. In our era of globalization access to information is very easy, so one can be familiar with plenty of articles or analyses. The same is with the authors; they write on current essays for two main reasons: to gain more popularity (most often in internet blogs), and to launch a discussion on a topic. In brief, one is able to search for information, or can rely on the “new media” (internet media). However, an essay can influence the way in which a reader perceives the event in question. For that reason it is very important to follow moral principles of journalism and try to be as impartial as possible. Describe the events and analyze them without unnecessary rhetoric.