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With a mix of various composers from Debussy to Ravel, the music and choreography kept the storyline moving. A very romantic pas de deux to was danced by the two young lovers across a foot bridge that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

If you love dance, Diavolo is fascinatingly energetic and compellingly meaningful.

A woman drags a desk and chair through the doorway anddances all around the desk and the chair as though she was both in love andhate with it and I thought, “That’s what writer’s block feels like.”

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Later, when the two lovers reunite, the chosen brother kills the unchosen as the production winds up in a grande finale of passionate dance.

I loved the long cloth draped across the stage that reveals the two lovers underneath as they dance their love-making, rolling over and over each other as the cloth wraps them together.

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Those of you studying dance academically at the college or high school level have probably been (or will at some time be) asked to express in writing your reaction to a dance performance. These essays go by many names (observations, critiques, reactions), however, the format is generally the same – two pages of double spaced… what?

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hello, I’m cristihan. I just found this website because I was looking for help on how to write an essay about a dance performance and I saw that you give some good examples on how to write a paper a bout a dance performance.