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TCC does not have an admissions test, however you may need to take a placement test. All students are required to take a placement test to determine college readiness in reading, writing and mathematics before registering for restricted courses.

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Hello This essay got a scenario. Please follow it. Read carefully essay brief. For written essay i need 1.2., 1.3, 1.4 – Task 1 – Written report
1.1 – Task 2 – Group presentation
LO 2 Task 1 – Written report
LO 3 3.2, 3.2 – Task 1 – Written report
3.1 – Task 2 – Group presentation
LO 4 Task 1 – Report to contain: rooms division performance indicators (calculated), their explanation and NPV issues; that is group presentation you dont need to write.
1.a. responsibilities in different organisation
1b little bit about legislation
1c some roles of room division services different categories of accommodation, discus and evaluate it
2a very important
2b use some systems about booking
2c the reveniu factors, influences
3a 3b important read careful task
4a create some data and explain it
4b is baste on 4a
4c is baste on 4a
do calculation but need to explain it a litlle bit
Follow merit and distinction criterios if you need any information contact me. plus do introduction, content table, concliution.
essay must meet level 5 or not level 2. Thanks

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