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I don’t want to use any medium as a platform for displaying the smallness and hopelessness of man.” Willy Russell wrote Educating Rita as a comedy, he wanted to write a funny play to be watched and not to be studied....

'Educating Rita' is a play by Willy Russell, a dramatist recently turned novelist.

Changes take place in every one through our lives everyday; In this essay I will be exploring the changes that have happened in Franks and Rita relationship in the play Educating Rita by Willy Russell....

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In the play Educating Rita by Willy Russell there are two main characters, Rita and Frank.

The idea of self-discovery is a theme that runs throughout Educating Rita, demonstrating how it can be a personal mission as well as an accidental achievement in life.

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I identified with the challenges and transformation portrayed in the 1983 movie Educating Rita, Rita is a 26-year-old working class hairdresser with a longtime burning desire to improve her social status, discover herself, and emp...

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In this play we have a 26 year old woman called Rita whom is a mature woman, seeking an education, as she didn't take the opportunity to learn when she was an amateur student, because of the environment she lived in and the fact she didn't want to learn due to her popularity and her working class culture.

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How does the playwright show the changes in Rita, and in her tutor Frank, in two key scenes of the play (1.6 and 2.3) "Educating Rita" displays the major changes that occur in the main character, an initially narrow minded, outspoken and socially naïve Liverpudlian trapped by her working class life.

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'Educating Rita' contains only two characters, a young woman called Rita and a middle-aged man called Frank, although this may sound boring these characters are so interesting that anymore characters would ruin the ambiance of the play.

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Rita's determination to move into the world and gain an education is responsible for the end of her marriage as Denny feels that Rita is becoming superior.

trying desperately to fit into Frank’s world ..

Who would dare to step into Julie Walters shoes? Leanne Best, that’s who: in Educating Rita at the Liverpool Playhouse this week, Best is taking up one of Walters’ most loved roles, made famous through the West End and in the BAFTA-winning 1983 film with Michael Caine.