Essays on Adverse Effect Of Watching Television On Children

"Considering the abundance of graphically violent content in moviesand on premium cable television channels, as well as the tendency foryounger family members to go along with older members' media choices, itis not surprising that enduring fright effects from scary media wereprevalent in our sample."Finally, regardless of what frightened them aschildren, the study's participants appeared to know which copingstrategies worked best for them, the researchers say.

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File photoWhile the short-term effects ofwatching horror movies or other films and television programs withdisturbing content are well-documented among children and teens, a new U-Mstudy shows that long-term effects can linger even into adulthood.Intheir study "Tales from the Screen: Enduring Fright Reactions to ScaryMedia," U-M researcher Kristen Harrison and colleague Joanne Cantor of theUniversity of Wisconsin found that 90 percent of the study's participants(more than 150 college students at Michigan and Wisconsin) reported amedia fright reaction from childhood or adolescence.

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