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The lasting influence and power of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings saga is undeniable - and seeing more mainstream success only with the release of a critically acclaimed series of films and an award-winning massively multiplayer online game. The purpose of this course is to look critically at such things as the books, the films, the game, and other 'versions' to explore how different media handle the same material. We will, as a class, discuss such issues as character and plot development, themes and literary elements, story-telling styles, cultural and historical contexts, benefits and limitations of various media, identity and role-playing games, and the role of audience in storytelling. Placing three different media into socio-cultural contexts will allow us to explore such issues as the role of story-teller, the importance of the visual, and the role of 'game' in today's society. Students in this class can expect to engage in activities such as reading the novels, watching the films, playing the game, writing, discussing and participating in individual and/or group projects that delve into the Tolkien's work and the power of translation. Prerequisite: ENG 102.

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Continuing the educational goals of Composition I (critical reading and thinking, focused research, reflective writing, and process-based writing), Composition II shifts the focus to the rhetorical concerns of persuasion and argument. The course provides students with increased practice in research, analysis, and genres of writing done throughout college as well as in the professional realm. The course emphasizes academic research-based writing and culminates in a portfolio. Prerequisite: ENG 101. This course carries SUNY General Education Basic Communication: Written credit.

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ENG 102 introduces students to a range of literary genres that may include poetry, drama, fiction, and creative non-fiction and develops skills in reading, interpreting, and evaluating literature. Students will learn and practice the skills of close reading through discussion and writing. Prerequisite: Placement into ENG 101 or successful completion of ENG 090 or ENG 095 with grade of C- or better. This course carries SUNY General Education Humanities credit.