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The study of English involves learning about language, history, usage, and the shifting cultural contexts within the English-speaking world. The English Department at the University of Georgia is a diverse scholarly community of over 40 faculty and 600 undergraduates who are committed to preserving, transmitting, and extending the rich cultural legacy of the English language. At the core of this mission lies the complex skills of reading and writing which help to develop critical and creative thinking, articulate self-expression, and a broad knowledge of literature.

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Teacher candidates take specific courses in the teaching of grammar and writing, literature (including specific attention to young adult literature), reading, and planning instruction while designing practical classroom activities to use in their student teaching. Faculty bring their own research into effective practice; this cutting-edge scholarship makes the UGA English Education a dynamic one. A portfolio reflects and synthesizes all coursework and student teaching for use in launching a teaching career.

My Life in Music: Juliana Soltis Cellist

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I do not mean to offend you when i say this but if a person did not start a wat why should thay have to give there life? i nl that sound selfish but think about there lovd ones that would have to live with it you could say there family would see it as a heroes death a brave sacrifice but that means a child would have to grow up without his/her big cuisine uncle dad grandpa or brother when that didn’t start or even want the war to began with i have a nine year old cuisine i live in scotland and if my cuntry got invaded o would not fight in a suicide task i would much rather give my cuisine more time with me because our love is far more important than a rock i think its stupid that anyone would give there life for rock it’s the people who live in the cuntry that’s important not the rock it’s self i was given a life to live my one life love and care for other people and i think it’s wrong to take a life i am very sorry if this has offended you

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MY LIFE IN MUSIC: Dovid Friedlander
Associate Concertmaster, North Carolina Symphony
Aired: Monday, January 7, 2013 at 7 pm ET

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My Life in Music: Terry Mizesko
Bass Trombone & composer/arranger, North Carolina Symphony
Aired: Monday, September 3, 2012 at 7 pm, ET

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"I changed the course of my life by leaving my microbiology and pre-med intentions behind, but I believe that my current major more closely approximates the person I was created to be. The one UGA experience I will always remember is getting to hear Congressman John Lewis speak for the first time at the annual Freedom Breakfast event my freshman year. I spoke with him more informally during my summer Washington, D.C. internship. He is one of my heroes because of his genuine desire to ensure that every human being living in the U.S. has access to the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness promised by the Declaration of Independence. He fought for human rights alongside Dr. King, and he continues to do so today."

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The Certificate incorporates functional courses in legal studies and agribusiness management. In this manner, students can acquire substantive subject materials while perfecting learning skills that will assist them in law school or in the management of a food or agricultural firm.

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The distinguished faculty train students in decision-making, communication, and interpersonal skills for dynamic careers in business, natural resources, and the environment. For students wishing to pursue further studies, the program provides an excellent foundation for graduate schools in agricultural economics, economics, and professional schools in law and business administration.