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If you use good quality waste oil there's no need to filter it, settling it works just as well or better.

The final fuel filters in our Toyota TownAce last a long time using this method, and we've had no problems.

First, for SVO fuel we use high-quality WVO, with low Free Fatty Acid levels.

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No doubt clients, patients, friends, and relatives have asked dietitians questions about whether coconut oil is a health food or if butter is better for you than once thought. The answers to such questions used to seem pretty clear cut. Such foods are high in saturated fat, which raises cholesterol and therefore should be strictly limited in our diets to reduce risk of heart disease and stroke.

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See : "Quality Standard for Rapeseed Oil as a Fuel", with from Elsbett Technologie.

Good-quality WVO can be used (though see the kit supplier's warranty).

But how can you tell if your WVO is good quality?

There's a widespread misconception among SVO users (and SVO kit vendors) that quality control with used oil means three things: filter, filter, filter.