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Although it appears that legalization of all drugs on the market seems like a valid movement, in reality, all hard drugs such as cocaine and prescription pills should remain illegal because they are detrimental to society and have a tend for users to develop a physical dependency on these drugs....

Proponents of legalization cite information that indicates marijuana is arelatively “safe” drug.

By advertising so heavily for drugs that the majority of the population does not need, pharmaceutical companies attempt to create as large a consumer base as they can....

Free Drugs Legalization papers, essays, and research papers.

The debate over the legalization of drugs continues to disturb the American public.

There are two views on the legalization of drugs: some people think that they should be legalized, the other group of people think that they must not be legalized.

Free Drugs Legalization Essays and Papers

Effects of this war like murder, corruption and many other undesirable things are developing and burning through this country’s core while the powers that be debate whether or not drugs should be legalized.

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Though drugs play an important role in the medical field today and are being prescribed more and more by doctors, there are those consumers that abuse the use of these drugs.

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There are many pros and cons for the legalization of marijuana although there are more cons than there are pros; one being that children are the ones who abuse marijuana the most.

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Many well-intentioned leaders and members of the public have been misled by the well-financed and organized pro-drug legalization lobby into believing there is merit to their argument that smoking marijuana is a safe and effective medicine.

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Sadly, many from junior high to professional athletes have bought in to the mirage of seemingly risk-free success offered by anabolic steroids and other all too easily acquired performance enhancing drugs....

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Border police and the FBI continue to nab ever-increasing caches of illegal drugs, while our "tough on crime" policies haul thousands to jail on drug trafficking and possession charges.