Every summer without fail we go on vacation.

Once you've told your story in all its detail, it's time to write the hook and conclusion. What question or thought can you use to grab your reader's attention? For example: "What would you do if you found a wallet loaded with cash? That was my dilemma this summer."

When our school broke up for summer vacation on the 3rd of June, we felt a great relief.

Hi everyone , I'm Huy from VietNam , I live Hai Phong City, Call Hoa Phuong Do City, I love it and here where summer holidays, I go to the beach and swimming with my parents, I love season summer, thank you for reading! and have a nice day !.

To go to a hill station is the best way to spend the summer vacation.

I decided to spend my whole summer vacation in her house and this is how my period of summer vacation was speilt.

Hi friend, I'm Doctor TomadoRaft, I don't like holidays in the summer, I like many thing else like : play football, Watch TV, Play basketball, And anything else. I think the best seasons's summer because you can spent your time to do your favorite thing in your freetime. In the summer you can see your friends anytime you would to see him. and you can go to the beach to build a vollage of sand and play ball with your family on the beach and riding a horse on the beach and you can do many things on the beach. you can go to anywere you can't go to it before this time. Thank you my friend for reading my simple artcile about summer. best regard, Doctor TomadoRaft.