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With religious programming it is ultimately not the abstract concept of the Divine Creator to be worshipped, but
the preacher himself on the screen.

Perhaps the most damaging thing about television is the impact it has had on our political process, which is
intimately related to the character of TV commercials, which Postman claims are the fundamental metaphor for
political discourse in America.

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In sum, despite many disappointments, I have to say that I'm not ashamed to be associated with The Postman movie. Yes, the book is much better! ;-) And yes, the film might have benefited a lot if the director ever had a few brews with the guy who told the original story. Yet there's something deeply likable about this film, despite its flaws. Above all, in these days of rampant and contagious solipsism, with so many people claiming to despise a civilization that has been so kind to them, this movie's overall message needs to be heard.

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THE POSTMAN was written as an answer to all those post-apocalyptic books and films that seem to revel in the idea of civilization's fall. It's a story about how much we take for granted — and how desperately we would miss the little, gracious things that connect us today. In this era of cynicism, we need reminders of the decency that lies within.

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The book obviously affected people. Within months of its publication, at the hasty urging of my then-agent, I sold movie rights to the first bidder. Producer Steve Tisch then hired veteran screenwriter Erik Roth to do an adaptation. And at first I thought this would bode very well! Under gifted directors like Robert Zemeckis, Roth had acquired a reputation as a skilled adapter of already-existing material. Alas, this time, without a strong director holding the reins, Roth decided to toss out every iota of the book and start from scratch with a story that was completely his own... incidentally going out of his way to reverse every moral point of The Postman!

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My prediction proved true in spades, as reviewer after reviewer (what more cynical profession can you name?) slagged the "aw shucks idealism" of the film. One critic likened The Postman to "Mad Max, directed by Frank Capra."

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Although no one suspected it, there was a connection between these two occurrences. The postman, Ugo Celletti, had been helping to create the monsters—tremendous sculptures growing on the grounds of a local estate. He’d discovered a passion for mosaic work, and as he applied slivers of mirrored glass to the monsters he sometimes forgot about his postal route. Like many other people in the area, Celletti had his life altered by the mother of the monsters, who came to Italy to build a sculpture garden that she had envisioned in a dream, decades earlier, when she was locked in an asylum: the artist Niki de Saint Phalle.

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Direct Essays - Neil Postman Essays written about Neil Postman including papers about Aldous Huxley and Brave New World Neil Postman essays In Neil Postman's essay, he argues that Huxley's vision of the future in Brave New World is more applicable and relevant today than Orwell's in 1984.