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It is crucial to mention that as a society we need to strive toward teaching the proper balance between both aspects of beauty to offset the portrayal of what true beauty is by the media....

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Any person could see that this lifestyle is incredibly harmful to these children not just because of what it does to their appearance, but what happens when these little girls’ minds become tainted with the thoughts of needing to be beautiful and talented in order for people to l...

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This makes girls be less confident in them and be more self conscious about their looks.

Sometimes I wear red lipstick—it makes me feel sophisticated. And blush! The magna carta holy cheek—how can you contest the multifarious benefits of looking like you're perpetually set in Instagram's Valencia filter? But frankly speaking, none of this matters. What a woman does or does not do to her face is personal. And as with most other things, makeup or a lack thereof can serve as either a prison or a fortress commanded by the mind; you can become a slave to it or it can set you free. Next time you look in the mirror, close your eyes and ask yourself when you feel like the best version of you. When you open them, act on that. Let me know how it goes.

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But, the real question for this topic is "are these pageants good for them in the long run?" What comes to mind when the words "child beauty pageants" are spoken.

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Many people do not agree with children being forced to fulfill their parents' dream by taking place in a pageant .It is very common for young girls to be obsessed over Barbie dolls, the perfect hair combined with the flawless makeup has provided a fantasy idol for all young girls to look up to, but who would have thought the doll would come to life as a 5 year old girl competing in a beauty pageant....

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Even though beauty pageants teach children to compete, child pageants are affecting children’s childhood because the children grow up faster than they should and it teaches young girls that their true beauty doesn’t exist and they should dress and act olde...

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on Friday morning, and Sharon is about to awaken her eighteen month old baby, Jessica, to prepare her for a long weekend of make-up, hairspray, and gowns.