Fear of failure is something everyone has to face.

Both Hamlet and my friend's family were faced with having to cope with death by unnatural causes. There are other ways people must cope with death as well. Sometimes the timing can greatly influence how people deal with loss. The means of death can be devastating, but the timing can cause great emotional downfalls. My great grandmother passed away two days before my tenth birthday. The day after her death I received a birthday card from her. On the card, my great grandmother's handwriting was barely legible. When looking at it, I realized how sick and frail she had gotten. It made it much more difficult because I was already trying to cope with her death. This example was similar to Hamlet when he found the skull in the graveyard. When he held the skull, he felt sadness and distress, just like I did with the card. People struggle with hard situations, like death, when placed in front of them. The lack of coping with death is revealed in Hamlet when his father is murdered and when he finds the skull; just like in mine and my friend's life when her baby cousin was murdered and when my great grandmother died. William Shakespeare's, "Hamlet" personifies how people in the play and in my life deal with death. People have tried to cope with death in an easier way, but for many decades it has caused problems. When those of importance pass away, a void is left. Regardless of who it is, this empty space is incredibly difficult to fill. Depression, sorrow, and even issues with sanity are just a few of the problems that can and oftentimes do affect people while dealing with their loss. Death can leave rippling affects in the community as a whole, as well as with loved ones of the deceased. The possibility exists for these effects to burden people for the remainder of their lives. Hopefully over time everyone will let go of their loss and move on, rejoining the community and remembering the good times from the past. Unfortunately, some people are not able to do this and must deal with unhappiness daily. The pain and issues that people have dealt with have and will always be the same. No matter how much death affects a person, it is fear of death that everyone lives with.

Overcoming fear of failure is not easy, but it can be done, especially when you are determined to .

No 11 was my favorite because I can clearly remember a good friend of mine saying to me, “let the future inspire you.”
At that time, I really had no real idea what he was talking about though I got the words themselves.
Over and over, I have come to this conclusion, let the possibility of what could be inspire you to take actions.
Another thing I realized is, you do not achieve anything by not doing anything. To see something you want, to happen, you have to take actions to make it. You must be willing, to push through your fear. You just have to take an action and besides, the world will not shift grounds or make way to accommodate you when you have nothing to give…
Failure or success, is nearly not as important as the fact that we tried.

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Too often, clients send me failure essays that I do not believe or care about. Do not play it safe!

So how does this help you with the fear of failure? You don’t have to believe every thought you have. If I have a thought tells me that I’ll fail, I can watch it and let it be. I don’t have to react.

Here are five proven strategies to move through your fear of failure:

This a great list to remember in order to get over the fear of failure and kicking ass. I think the fear of failure is partly there because we project onto others on how they will judge us. In the long run no one will remember our failures.

Overcoming Fear of Failure and Fear of Success

The 13 incredibly simple ways to overcome the fear of failure are powerful and life changing. I have been using them over the past weeks and have had amazing results. Point 12 on staying in the now is the key to all the previous points. From my experience it should be point 1 “be in the now” providing the right state for all the subsequent points. I use mindfulness practices to be and stay in the now and this makes the “inner work” way more effective.

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Reducing your fears is the most important “inner work” you can do as fears are the main source of self-limiting beliefs and other unproductive obstacles in our lives. The fear of failure sits at the top most people’s list and is the root cause for many other symptomatic fears.