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hello, My name is Kendra Duncan. My life hasent been the easiet, or the happyiest, i have chosen to make better decisions, and choices. I used to be a very different person than i am now, and I would like to go to cosmotology school, because i want to show other people that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone as beauty in them. big small, tall, skinny, big. everyone deserves tgo be beautiful. 🙂 thanks for reading. God bless you

For two years, I balanced school, a part-time job and a 1500-hour cosmetology course.

There are numerous organizations and foundations which offer scholarships to those seeking a career in the beauty industry. Once you have chosen where to achieve your education, and checked into all your options with the government as well as your school, the next step is to begin looking in the private sector. Believe it or not, there are countless promising possibilities.

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Hi! I have an outdated bachelors degree in computer science but I can’t find any enjoyable work in the field. I do however, really enjoy making women feel beautiful. It is this fact that makes me come to the conclusion that I want to go to a cosmetology school. I have one picked out near where I live in Florida but I cannot afford the tuition. Unfortunately the school does not have any grants or scholarships available. I am currently unemployed and I feel that this career change would help my financial situation greatly. I would love to one day own my own ‘low cost’ nail salon for financially challenged women. This way I would also be helping the lower class women of my area. Half the battle of being a good person is feeling beautiful. I can help with that if I get this education. Is there any help for me?

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This is a program that is awarded twice a year for students pursuing cosmetology or barbering career. It is given in January and July and can be availed in any school. The grant is supported by Great Clips

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Sponsored by the popular beauty store chain Sally Stores in partnership with National Cosmetology Association. Grants of $1000 are offered in scholarships each year to 10 students in 3 different categories. 5 scholarships of $1000 each is awarded to High school graduates (below 26 years), 3 grants of $1000 each for NCA members and the 3rd is for the children / grandchildren of NCA members seeking advanced education in cosmetology.

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I am an African-American male looking to further my education and learn a new skill within the beauty industry. As a hobby, I cut a lot of my friends and family’s hair, and they all suggest that I should go to school for my talent. It really took some time to sink in, until recently in my unsuccessful employment search. God works in mysterious ways, and I believe that this is my wake-up call to get a steady control of my life! So here I am, Micah A. Howard humble with open arms in hopes to receive a welcoming invitation of education assistance. Please if there is anyone out there in this world of ours, that can help another become a living testament of success, may I ask for your assistance in becoming successful. Thank You!!

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As you can see, for such an exciting and thriving field, there are so many unique prospects within world of cosmetology. Don’t let the day to day burdens of life keep you from pursuing your life long dreams. Take hold of the knowledge you have now acquired, and seek out these countless options in order to fund your continuing education for the betterment of your (and your family’s) future!

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I am a 29 year old interested in furthering my education in the field of cosmetology at the Paul Mitchell school in Chicago. I breath and live for all things beauty for makeup, hair, nails to fashion. My ultimate goals are to be a well known successful Makeup Artist & Hair stylist in the Fashion world. I having already started working toward my goals, however, I would like to become more educate. Here is a look at my profolio/ website .