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The issues of the Israeli occupation of the territories of the Gaza Strip, the West Bank of the River Jordan (referred to by Israel as Judea and Samaria), the Sinai Peninsula and the Golan Heights region, and the issue of Jewish settlers since 1967 has been of great relevance in the conflict since 1967. The significance is most easily assessed in judging its relevance in regards to each involved party. These are the Israelis, Palestinian Arabs, non-Palestinian Arabs and the superpowers (USA and USSR).
The significance of teh occupied territories to Israel differs from group to group in Israeli society. From the conquest of the occupied territories by Israel during the Six Day War, small numbers of Israeli settlements began to appear. The settler-movement began for many reasons. The first is that are that the territories, especially those of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, are a part of 'Biblical Israel', allegedly granted to the Israelites by god as their Holy Land (a significant proportion of the Israeli population are termed by historian Thomas Friedman to be Religious Zionists, who feel that the Messiah will come once the Jewish people have earned the Holy Land back). The second is the sheer lack of land inside of the accepted borders of Israel. The third cause of the settler-movement is mass Jewish migration to Israel from the late 1980s onwards as a consequence of the Israeli air-drops in Ethopia, in which the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) conducted missions to that country in order to air-transport Ethopian Jews to Israel (under the 1950 Law of Return anybody who can prove their Jewish descendence to the Israeli government is automatically granted Israeli citizenship), and the 800,000 Soviet Jews who migrated to Israel with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the freedom of movement from the former Soviet states. These new Israelis require a place to settle in Israel, and cheap housing is not in short supply if one is willing

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Life is virtually an empty void that humans try to fill with their own beliefs and definition of meaning. Many pieces of literature written in the mid 20th century recognize this concept. In "A Clean Well-Lighted Place," by Ernest Hemingway, the ultimate futility of life is expressed through the use of characterization, symbolism and dictation. Hemingway uses characterization as one of the main ways to draw attention to the ultimate futility of life. He uses the three main characters to represent the fact that as people age their purpose decreases. In the short story, the young waiter is the only character with a purpose in life. When talking about the old man, the young waiter says an hour is worth "more to me than him"? (2). The young waiter thinks he is more important than the drunk man because he has a purpose. He has yet to realize the nothingness that human life is. The middle-aged waiter, however, is beginning to realize that life will eventually end, and neither purpose nor meaning could change the fact that death is inevitable. He is in the midst of an existential crisis. He is at his turning point, realizing that life has no meaning. The old man is at the other end of the spectrum. He completely understands the fact that he is going to die, and there is no purpose. While in the cafe, all he does is drink his life away. He is in despair about "nothing" and the pure fact that life means nothing. Hemingway perfectly describes the stages of existentialism and the inevitable death using these three main characters.
One of the main symbols in "A Clean Well-Lighted Place" is the cafe itself. The cafe represents an opposing idea to the concept of nothingness. The cafe acts as a distraction from the realization that life has no meaning and inevitably comes to an end. In the short story, both the deaf man and the older waiter favor being at the cafe. When talking about the cafe, the older waiter mentions that he is "with all tho