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The individuals who came into those roles [CNS/NP] very much valued their background in nursing. They used their nursing knowledge, their assessment, their intervention, their skills and capacity to work with families, provide education to nurses … their view of the world was very much about the holistic needs of the patient and family and their desire to provide mentorship and professional development for nurses. All of those things came together for those individuals who were in that role, and they really saw themselves as providing components of the clinical nurse specialist role as well as the more medical components of the nurse practitioner role, and they did not want to give that up. They didn't want to be slotted into the view that they were medical replacements, because they really perceived themselves to be much more. And they are much more.

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Upper year student mentors work with first-year students and run non-compulsory, periodic and time-sensitive workshops on topics such as exam preparation, essay writing, and oral presentation.

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Awards may be of a single year’s duration or they may be renewable. This, along with amounts, varies from one specific scholarship to the next. Qualifications and preference vary according to the sponsoring organization’s priorities. Some value student need and grades, while others depend on a proven record of leadership. Many require essays to allow students to convey their interest and passion for the nursing profession. While some applications may be submitted electronically, others must be submitted by mail. It’s imperative that students follow directions carefully and fill out forms neatly.