Here are some of the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

Successful entrepreneurs may think and act in common with successful people in other careers, but it is their willingness to take on the demands and sacrifices of entrepreneuring that is their principal distinguishing feature.

To have a successful business, one must possess entrepreneur qualities.

On average, there are over 1400 billionaires in the world, and of those 960 are entrepreneurs who were successful, while the rest were fortunate to inherit their wealth (Vital, 2013)....

"We have all heard about successful entrepreneurs.

Hard working Successful entrepreneur must demonstrate high level of energy.

The entrepreneur uses this knowledge in reallocating resources, where it is argued that the qualities of shrewdness and deviousness enter, to his own advantaged....

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In short, one cannot create fame in the name of becoming an entrepreneur by just portraying mere intensions nor even when the whole planning of scope and schedule are complete.

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The need for significant information about financial contracting with optimistic entrepreneurs is fueled by the existence of seemingly little empirical work that compares the attributes of real world financial contracts.

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It is argued that blending David Hume's insights about the origins and purposes of justice with Ronald Dworkin's insurance-based reasoning supporting his equality of resources model of distributive justice will yield a state which, as a matter of justice, encourages its members to engage in entrepreneurial activities and which protects them from the worst extremes of market economies....