Blood donation: The Gift of Life

After the ABO blood grouping was invented by Karl Landsteener in 1901, blood donation has continued to be clinically used to save lives. In the past, various civilizations and religions donated blood but various complications arose due to limited knowledge regarding the donor and recipient’s compatibility and diseases such as hepatitis B. As the medical field advanced, screening for hepatitis B antigen, AIDs among other diseases, which makes blood donation safer for the recipient is possible (Pan American Health Organization, 2009). Blood donors could either be male or female if they are eighteen to fifty five years of age and over fifty kilograms in weight. Moreover, donors have to have normal pulse rate, blood pressure as well as body temperature. Eligible donors should not be suffering from or have a history of diseases as epilepsy, psychotic illness, cardiovascular diseases, cancer or suffering from STDs or hepatitis. Lactating and pregnant mothers are neither allowed to donate blood since they need the iron while postsurgical patients can only donate blood after six to twelve months after operation (Tay & Leng, 2010).

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In India, where the annual demand for blood is 12 million per units, only 9 million units get collected through voluntary or family donations. Naturally, many deaths occur due to insufficient blood supply. To avoid such calamities, more voluntary donors are required. It is important to note that blood taken from non-remunerated blood donors is generally considered as the safest source of blood since it has a low incidence of Transfusion Transmissible Infections such as HIV, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, Malaria, and Syphilis.

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If all of us took the time to see the importance of blood donation than many people would have a greater will to give.

When all is said and done, why should you donate blood? Donating blood is not only advantageous to the recipient but also the donor as well. You should donate blood since there is not only a snack given afterword but also you can live to celebrate that you have saved a life. Charitable blood donations are crucial to save lives only possible when volunteer donors come forward. The American Red Cross ascertains that blood has limited shelf life and after forty two days, the stored blood is not safe for us. As a result, constant blood supply is needed and this is a big challenge to the health facilities. Healthy volunteers are thus required to ensure a steady supply of blood in these facilities for the sake of safeguarding lives since life is sacred. Surely, if any of you is awarded with the privilege of being healthy with ten to twelve pints of blood, then giving out just a pint would not harm even if you will fell a little pain. After all, your blood will be replaced immediately after donation. Currently, blood transfusion optimizes the single unit of blood you donate (WHO, 2010).

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An individual can only give up to one unit of blood with regard to their weight and the amount withdrawn is replaced after twenty four hours while the cells and hemoglobin are replaced within two months. As a result, it is advisable to donate blood every three months to minimize any health risk. The blood taken from the donor is stored in sterilized bottles containing anticoagulants for nourishment of cells and most importantly, to avoid coagulation. This blood is then screened and tested for antibodies, infections, compatibility and blood grouping before it is given to a recipient. A unit of blood is separated into many components to be useful for different patients who need it in a process called fractionation (WHO, 2010).

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Blood donation ranges from unpaid donors from people who voluntarily give out their blood. They have to give their consent. Donating blood is simple and you need to voluntarily walk in a health facility, and tell someone that you need to give blood. It takes less time and you just need to lay back and wait for the health practitioner to do the rest. This blood you have given can then be used to save many lives including those of women in delivery, in surgery, hemorrhages and those who have had disasters (WHO, 2009).

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Nowadays, aphaeresis is done where blood is divided into its different constituents and after picking the required one, the rest is returned to the donor. Blood donors are relevant link to blood transfusion and without him or her, this would be impossible. According to the American Red cross, one blood donation can save three lives while each two seconds, a person in the U.S requires blood. By the way, by donating a single pint you burn approximately six hundred and fifty calories. Therefore, those in our midst who would like to shed some extra calories without having to work out should consider blood donation since it is not only safe but also saves life. The other day I read an article, which stated that one blood donation and I quote, “could offset 2 hamburgers, 3 donuts or 5 granola bars” which is one reason that should motivate you to donate blood. People in need of blood emerge from all ages and gender as well as different economic, ethnic and racial backgrounds. It is a noble gesture and extremely humanitarian to donate blood and the best way to express concern and love for mankind. Therefore, it should be the endeavor of every one of you to donate blood since “Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something” (Williams, 2009).