Are computer teachers better than human teachers …

Can a computer teach certainly things better than a human? Yes, absolutely. Are we human teachers obsolete? Not yet – and maybe having good computer based learning resources to deal with many students will help the teachers focus on the less able and raise their standards whilst still challenging the more able ones.

Are computer teachers better than human teachers

Scott, I fully agree. I am taking a bit of different perspective on this though – regarding your point “So why waste an expensive human on those things?” – I would add, in many, many schools around the world there is no suitably qualified teaching staff. I have met some “English teachers” in rural India, for example, who barely spoke English. I think it is in such schools where computer or video-based teaching has the most potential, not to replace the teacher, but to complement the teacher’s knowledge and abilities. This was one of the main motivations for setting up EduTube () – to organize some of the high quality educational video content which is already out there, so that it could potentially be used in such settings. Of course, in areas where there is a lack of funding for teacher training, teacher salaries, school resources etc., where is the funding for computers going to come from? I think that despite recent developments, the technology is indeed not ready yet for usage in such areas (in terms of costs / usability). My own experiences have led me to become much more pessimistic about the possibilities. However, this is also why I became more interested in video – because it is more low-tech, cheaper, and fairly straight forward to set up and use, and can be shared by many rather than used by individuals.

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Are computer teachers better than human teachers - …

The new technology is more and more important in the actual society and it’s very helpful. The software founded by Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technologies is a proof of the scientific labor but not in the human relations. If you consider that a computer is able to judge a student work, so a human work, you consider that this work come down to a product, a software. It depends also the sort of work because if you have to give an answer like yes or no, the computer should graduate the essay. But I think it’s a very little part of the teacher work which, generally, is more focused on the critical works to develop the student mind. It’s obvious a computer is not be able to judge the qualities of the ideas, of the dissertation. What’s more, the intelligence artificial that I think is superficial like its name, is not be able to give a feedback in order to help the student. Can you imagine a relation y an interesting exchange computer/student? Can you imagine a binary society that should work with 0 and 1? We have to protect the human relations because the acknowledgment is not just in fact is also an experience.