Free College Essay Choices for a Day, Consequences for a Lifetime

Accepting responsibility for oneself includes an understanding of how your choices have consequences and recognizing your responsibility for choices. Choices play a key role in shaping or defining your life.

In “A&P”, the author John Updike demonstrates the importance of choices and their consequences

Acting responsibly involves making wise choices that can lead to positive outcomes, and thus avoiding poor choices that can result in negative consequences. A person needs to take responsibility for choices and to understand what contributes to wise choices, as well as poor choices.

Accepting Your Choices and Consequences: Shaping …

Because, by and large, the variability in society is a result of different choices leading to different consequences.

There are times when people respond impulsively in a situation without thinking about possible consequences. In this situation, accepting responsibility involves admitting your impulsive choice regardless of your awareness at the time of your choice. Your lack of full awareness of your choice does not relinquish your responsibility. By accepting responsibility for your impulsive choice and related consequences, you are empowering yourself to be in a position to consider a different choice to a similar situation in the future.