The notion of gender creates a dichotomy in male and female roles.

Masculinity tends to be associated with such traits as rationality, efficiency, competition, individualism and ruthlessness.’ [1] Despite many changes in equality and social attitudes, gender stereotypes are still common in society and in the English language in general.

Gender roles are the pre-conceived ideas that society has based on a person’s gender.

He concludes that most of these studies on the academic achievement of the two genders had many major limitations because they were “one-shot research designs,” and there were different measurements used in the samples which allowed for more generalizations to be made, rather than actual measurements (Bursal, 2013, p.

A good example of socialization is the learning of gender roles....

Gender identity is often debated as being either biological or socially constructed.

After I have explained both positions I will analyze the two and put forth my argument that diverse gender identity captures a more accurate depiction of gender.

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There has been much debate surrounding the inclusion of issues related to gender and sexual identity in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual since its initial stages of development (Drescher, 2010).

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While the nature of the survey questions in the study seem to establish that they seek to examine whether this gender gap still exists, no clear research question with defined parameters is stated and the focus of their conclusions and scope of their discussion seems to me to be outside their research context....

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It was also expected that participants categorised as extroverts via the Necker cube would produce faster response times when identifying the emotion and gender of a face....

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The expected results were that the response times produced by females for facial emotion and gender identification would be faster than the response times produced my males.

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These gender biased opinions were developed under the reign of Queen Elizabeth and Shakespeare’s explicit exhibition of this fact in his plays can be traced to the circumstances at which the society was at that time....

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The gender stereotype that girls are only interested in playing with dolls is reinforced here as a huge selection of Malibu Stacy dolls is on display with a throng of screeching, bloodthirsty girls tearing the store apart.