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An electron’s distance from the nucleus can vary. It is not a smooth variation of distance, but only certain distances are possible. When an electron changes its distance, it jumps in a process known as . That quantum leaping reflects how electrons gain or release energy. When light hits an atom, if it is absorbed by an electron, the photon gives the electron the energy to move to an orbit farther away. When an electron emits light, that lost photon removes energy and the electron falls to a lower orbit. The potential energy in the electron as it orbits the nucleus and the potential energy in a rock that I hold above the ground are similar, as the diagram below demonstrates.

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The path to developing FE technology for public use outlined above I believe work, but there are also other ways that the Fifth Epochal Event can manifest. If I had to bet on how it will manifest, I would put my money on the struggle between the , and on their beginning to release some of their sequestered technologies. The reason why their organized suppression efforts have been so successful is that they know if of it makes it to the public, it will only be a matter of time before the dam breaks, which would probably include ETs openly interacting with humanity. The GCs know that if any of that happens, their days of ruling humanity will quickly end. That is partly why this hump has been so hard to get over. But I am not going to wait for something to happen at that level to save us all, and what I am attempting will also help form a nucleus of awareness that can greatly help with an enlightened and harmless implementation of FE. If FE makes its appearance, its implementation will need to be led by as many enlightened and informed people as possible. Some need to be ahead of the curve to lead the way, if only by promoting an enlightened awareness. Once people can see FE with their own eyes, preferably by having it delivered to their home (anything less, and ; they will not be talked into an abundance-based mentality; they must experience it), the should be pretty rapid, especially if there is already a choir singing the song of abundance.

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When two atoms come close to each other, if the potential energy of their combined state is less than their potential energy when they are separate, the atoms will tend to react. But the reaction only happens when the electron shells come into an alignment so that the reaction happen. It is an issue of alignment and the atoms’ velocity. If the shells do not meet in the proper alignment and velocity, the reaction will not happen and the atoms will bounce away from each other. The faster and more often the atoms collide, the likelier they are to react and reach that lower energy state. Chemical (electron shell) reactions need to reach their to occur, and this is measured in temperature. The activation energy for hydrogen and oxygen to react and form water is about 560 degrees Celsius (560o C). Nuclear reactions work in similar fashion, but for nuclear fusion in the Sun’s core, at 16 million degrees Celsius, at a pressure 340 billion times greater than Earth’s atmosphere at sea level, in 10 billion years at one trillion collisions per second, a proton has a 50% chance of fusing with another proton. Nuclear fusion is thus far rarer than electron bonding, and far less energy is released when atoms bond via electrons. The fusion of a helium nucleus releases that it takes to ionize a hydrogen atom. As , some reactions have a cumulative result of , while others . The first can be seen as an investment of energy, while the second can be seen as consuming it. Organisms and civilizations have always faced the investment/consumption decision.