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When Philip was born in 382, Macedonia was not a very strong power. The historian says that the Macedonians were "wandering about without resources, many of them clothed in sheepskins and pasturing small flocks in the mountains, defending them with difficulty against the , Triballians and neighboring " (). This is exaggerated, but it is true that king Amyntas III, Philip's father, found it difficult to defend his country against its neighbors, and more or less had to lease his own kingdom from the Illyrians.

In 1556, Phillip II made his first major decision as a monarch for his country.

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Long before Philip II, the ancient Greek historian

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If Philip II had deserved his name of the Prudent he would have made haste, so soon as his father, who continued to intervene in the government from his retreat at Yuste in Estremadura, was dead, to relieve himself of the ruinous inheritance of the Low Countries.

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Today's seminar will conclusively prove to you the statement that "Philip II of Macedon was responsible for the rise to greatness of the Macedonian Empire in the Fourth Century BC" by examining several issues associated with Philip...

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and his son Philip II were determined to rule their inherited territories, despite the strong resolve of the English and the French to prevent the expansion of Habsburgs.

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Meanwhile, king Alexander II had been assassinated by a man named Ptolemaeus of Aloros. His successor was a brother of Alexander II, Perdiccas III, who was one year older than Philip, but still too young to be a ruler. Ptolemaeus was his regent. In 365, when Perdiccas was old enough, he became king, and immediately killed Ptolemaeus. His younger brother returned to Macedonia, which was still a weak kingdom.

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However, it was later proven that the tomb dates from around 317 BC, suggesting that it belonged to king Philip III Arrhidaeus, the son of Philip II and half-brother of Alexander the Great (Science 2000 April 21; 288: 511-514).

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The most brilliant manifestation of this is ’ , which was perhaps a satire of Spain’s failed quixotic adventures in the Netherlands and England under Philip II.