essay on poverty is the biggest polluter

And while we're at it, instead of just asserting that the United States is history's greatest country, let's explain why we've earned this accolade. For instance, let's have our candidates fly over to Europe, stand in front of one or another U.S. Armed Forces cemetery, and explain just how we rescued humanity in World Wars I and II, and then in the Cold War. And let's point out to young voters, who've been taught in school that the U.S. is nothing more than the world's biggest polluter, that not one of our great athletes or entertainers has ever been so blindingly stupid to hijack a plane, fly it to Havana, Moscow, or Beijing, and ask for asylum there.

One of the biggest types of pollutants is air pollution

Even though the United States isn’t the biggest air polluter, it influences other countries by what it does and is still one of the biggest polluters in the world.

The world's biggest polluter has consistently blocked pollution ..

China, the world's biggest polluter, has said its emissions of gases that cause climate change will peak by 2030.

Across the world, impoverished countries are being forced to repay debts far bigger than original loans, instead of spending precious cash on essentials like schools and hospitals.