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Advocates of the mandatory national speed limit in 1974 not only claimed that a speed limit of 55 miles per hour would save lives but that it would also help to cut pollution 1%.

In 1974 the government implemented a national speed limit on all highways of 55 miles per hour.

In a study performed by an independent group called, "The Society of Automotive Engineers," it was found that people rarely respond to posted speed limits.

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Montana is presently the only state where there is no daytime speed limit on the highways.

But what is more important is that the government must be more realistic and honest with the nation by increasing the states' speed limits to a more reasonable level.

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The findings were also that when the speed limit is below the 50 percentile, that is 50 out of 100 driver's speed's, it did not decrease the speed of individuals or decrease accidents but it did increase the number of speeding violations (Shemmens).

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The United States Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration performed a study of 22 states and over 100 sites before and after speed limits were altered.

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Increasing speed limits on highways would allow those who drive at a higher speed without a ticket.

The largest study done by our own government further encourages this theory.

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The problems caused by speed limits on the highways can not only be solved by looking at the many misconceptions that people have about speed but by looking at the many advantages of no speed limits on highways.

The advantages of abolishing speed limits on highways have rarely been noticed.

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The reason that most of these people are said to be speeding is that government sets limits that are often lower than the highest safe speed limit that could be imposed.

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Studies that took place over the most two recent speed changes will further disprove this theory produced by safety advocates.

In 1987 the government changed its mind and allowed states to have a speed limit of up to 65mph on rural Interstate routes.