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I am still very close with Mrs. Pernites today, in fact she just wrote a letter of recommendation for me to her alma mater, Longwood University, last month. This is the type of dedication and support she shows her students. Mrs. Pernites is willing to learn and grow alongside us because she knows, even as a teacher, there are still new things to be discovered. She gave me so much confidence by believing in me and showing me my potential even when I couldn't see it myself.

On that day students give garlands, flowers and surprising gifts e.t.c to their teachers

Mrs. Larson goes beyond the basic classroom teaching and makes learning interesting and fun. My son came home one day really excited to tell me about how Mrs. Larson brought a crock pot from home to do experiments with the class when she was teaching them about the different states of matter. I could see his eyes light up in excitement, and I knew from that point on that she was going to be a teacher who was going to change his view on going to school and a teacher who would make a difference.

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“I’m inspired every day by the community in which we live and the students that I teach. This piece was a culmination of both,” she said.

A wonderfully great first-grade teacher at Woodstock Elementary is Sonia Lacewell. She effortlessly recognizes each child’s strengths and weaknesses and adopts lessons accordingly. She allows each child to play to their strengths. She also creates a nurturing, fun and loving learning environment for her class. She recognizes some children within her class may not be able to bring a snack from home, so she provides a snack for each child every day. Mrs. Lacewell also goes out of her way to include parents in the activities occurring in her class. Lastly, every day Mrs. Lacewell shows up to school with a smile on her face and an enthusiastic greeting for her students and their parents. She goes the extra mile to make sure all her kids are taken care of from hugs, to food, to academics. She is truly invested in her kids.

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Mrs. McTyre showed him how to embrace his strengths and how to feel confident in himself. She taught him how to turn even what seemed to be difficult into something that he was capable of. Not only was she his teacher, she was someone special, someone who truly cared for our son. She stayed in touch with us through phone calls and countless emails and still does to this day. Although my son is now in sixth grade and in a new school, Mrs. McTyre still emails me from time to time to see how he is doing. She is just as proud of him as we are!

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Every day my son comes home from school he is excited for the activities he did. He tells me he wants to go to school on the weekends because he likes his class so much. We have made the decision to remain in Virginia Beach because of the amazing opportunities and experiences we have had in the school. We are grateful to all teachers at Strawbridge Elementary and thank you for all you do.

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Throughout my son’s history, I have yet to find a teacher with her compassion and dedication to her students. I have received phone calls early in the morning and at night because my son was missing an assignment or to determine a new way of making him advance to the next level in his education. I have received e-mails if he is having a bad day to inquire if anything was happening outside of school that might affect his behavior. We have had countless conversations on how we can work together for the success of my son to ensure he has the skills needed to move forward in life. She is not just correcting papers and teaching in the class, but she is involved in their extracurricular activities as well (ensuring they are not only well educated, but have the proper social skills to succeed as well). She is interacting with the parents, coming in before school to offer additional tutoring and assistance as well as staying after. She takes her position home at night and reaches out to family to ensure she is doing right by our children and ensuring the success of our kids.